The 16 best cable knit sweaters for men, according to a celebrity stylist

the best cable knit sweaters for men

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NOTHING IS READ relaxed elegance just like a cable knit sweater. This cozy menswear essential features raised cable patterns that resemble braided ropes or braids. Long before Chris Evans hit our screens Knives Out, cable knit sweaters as we know them today were originally made for sailing. Around 1900 these thick knits were made on the Irish Aran Isles to keep fishermen warm at sea. Initially, the thick, enveloping patterns were meant to make garments warmer and protect against the elements.

The cable knit has remained a staple in the modern men’s wardrobe, continuing to reinvent itself without straying from its marine origins. Elvis Presley famously popularized a rebel fisherman with a popped collar Jailhouse Rock in 1957. Not long after, Steve McQueen was often photographed in his favorite cream colored jersey throughout the 1960s, further instilling it as a timeless, sophisticated style. And who can forget Adam Driver’s apres-ski turtleneck Gucci house?

Today, the cable-knit sweater is something of a one-stop shop—it’s comfortable yet stylish enough to wear to the office and even to parties. Below are our favorites, from cardigans to crewnecks and even turtlenecks, to keep you on top in the colder months ahead.

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The best cable knit sweater for every day


Aran cable sweater

The best cable knit sweater for the office

Buck Freemason

Ivory Donegal Cable Crew

Best Knitted Cardigan Sweater

Todd Snyder

Shawl cable cardigan

The best shawl collar knit sweater


Cable knit pullover sweater with super soft shawl collar

The best luxury knit sweater


Cable knit sweater


Branded cotton fisherman sweater

I split

Crew neck cable knit sweater


Cable knit sweater in robust merino wool

Fear of God Essentials

Oversized cable knit cotton blend sweater with applied logo


Low Gauge Aran Crew Neck Long Sleeve Jumper

Schott New York

Crewneck Sweater In Wool Blend With Cable Stitch

Filipa K

Woven Swedish wool sweater


Crew neck cable knit sweater

Alex Mill

Fisherman cable turtleneck sweater


Cable knit crewneck sweater

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