The author loses the laptop containing the draft of the new novel in a blizzard in Shetland

Crime writer Ann Cleeves seeks help after losing a laptop containing the draft of half of her upcoming novel in a blizzard in Shetland.

The writer, whose books have been adapted into the television series Shetland, fears the computer may have fallen out of her bag as she passed through Lerwick in wintry conditions on Monday.

He’s offering a reward for returning the laptop, though he said it’s probably buried under “a foot of snow” by now as the islands have been hit by harsh winter weather.

The Scottish Government on Tuesday declared a major crash for Shetland after thousands of homes were left without electricity on Monday night following heavy snow.

While the author is eager to get her laptop back, she recently emailed herself an attachment containing what she was working on, so she didn’t lose too much work.

He said the answers have been coming since he tweeted about his search for the missing device.

The writer told BBC Radio Scotland’s Good Morning Scotland program on Wednesday: ‘I went to work in the library in Lerwick, I have great friends there with the librarians, and then walked from there in a total blizzard to the Mareel arts centre. , where I was having a meeting because we have a crime writing festival in June and it was a meeting to discuss Shetland Noir, and it was very noir that day, and then the weather got worse and worse.

“I had to get home early and I think I left my laptop there or it fell out of my bag as I fought the wind and snow to get from the library to the art center.

“No one has found it yet and I think to be honest it’s snowed so much since I lost it that it’s probably under a foot of snow wherever it is.

“People have been incredibly nice, I’ve had replies from all over Lerwick.

“But luckily my latest book I’m working on, I had sent as an email attachment to myself just a couple of days ago, so I haven’t lost too much.”

In his initial tweet about the lost laptop, Cleeves described it as a “scruffy HP” and said, “May have fallen out of bag. Half a novel there. Reward offered!”

She added: “A few days ago I had emailed the book to myself as an attachment. But I would love to have my computer back!!!”

His novels about Detective Inspector Jimmy Perez have been adapted into the BBC One police drama Shetland.

Ashley Jensen will now lead the cast following the departure of Douglas Henshall, who spent nearly a decade playing Perez.

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