The best Harem light novels without anime adaptations

One of the most popular genres in anime and manga is the harem genre, which is home to several iconic titles such as Tenchi Muyo And Is it a zombie? Works that fall into this genre usually consist of the main character surrounded by a slew of other characters of the opposite sex, all of whom serve as potential love interests.

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The harem genre is also very prevalent in light novels, with several titles even receiving successful anime adaptations. But the success of harem light novels without anime adaptations shouldn’t be underestimated, with these eight titles making a great addition to any harem fan’s library.


8/8 The transvestite villain Cecilia Sylvie

Cecilia Sylvie on the cover of Cross-Dressing Villainess Cecilia Sylvie

Written by Hiroro Akizakura, The transvestite villain Cecilia Sylvie it has a nice blend of comedy, fantasy, and isekai tropes that make it a must-read for anyone who enjoys those genres. The novel also features its main protagonist, Cecilia, amassing a string of male love interests, making it more of a harem in reverse.

Story-wise, the plot revolves around the reincarnation of Cecilia as the main antagonist of her own otome game. To avoid her imminent death, she decides to dress up as a man, attracting the attention of the game prince and other beauties in the process.

7/8 Rebuild the world

Akira on the cover of Rebuild World Volume 1

Which takes place in a ruined world, Rebuild the world is actually quite a famous title as far as light novels go. Many fans cite the fantastic world-building and brilliant ground-to-hero development of main protagonist Akira as reasons why the light novel series is so great.

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Akira is a young man with dreams of becoming a relic hunter to get out of the slums. But just when it seems her dream will be cut short, she meets the mysterious Alpha, who needs a hunter herself and decides to take Akira under her wing.

6/8 I’d rather have a cat than a harem!

Official cast artwork from I'd Rather Have a Cat than a Harem

Very similar The wickedness of disguise Cecilia Sylvie, this light novel incorporates many isekai elements into its storyline; in fact, just as with Cecilia, the main protagonist, Amy Northland, also has to deal with the male love interests of the otome game in which she is reincarnated.

After her entire family gets caught up in an otome game, Amy decides to use this opportunity to pursue her lifelong dream of owning a cat. But to do so, she must find a way to keep herself from marrying the Third Prince, which would ensure her role as the game’s villain.

5/8 Battle dives

Illustration by Sharon on the cover of Battle Divas Volume 1

While most harem titles usually feature at least three other potential love interests for their protagonists, Battle dives it only features two love interests so far. Written by Kouka Kishine, Battle dives was released on September 26, 2022, with three volumes available for reading.

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The story focuses on King Alnoa of the declining kingdom of Althos who returns home only to find two offers of marriage awaiting him, much to his shock. But meeting Lesfina, his first potential bride, he finds his second mate, Sharon, already present and eager to take his head.

4/8 Culinary chronicles of the court flower

Official illustration of Rimi from Culinary chronicles of the court flower

Moving on from harem titles with isekai elements, Court culinary chronicles Flower takes place during the feudal era, specifically in the fictional empire of Konkoku. The series currently has eight volumes available and is written by Miri Mikawa.

In this light novel, Rimi is a talented chef who is later sent to become one of the Emperor’s concubines. But just as she is adjusting to life within the Empire, while at the same time trying to preserve the memory of her home, Rimi is suddenly sentenced to death for offending the Emperor.

3/8 Wild times with a fake fake princess

Official artwork by Pamil on the cover of Wild Times with a Fake Fake Princess

The title of this light novel series may be a bit long, but it perfectly sums up the events of the plot. The main protagonist, Kyohei, just wants to live a normal life, something he already finds hard to do due to the flashy lifestyle of his friend and family.

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Things take a bizarre turn when Kyohei meets Pamil, who claims to be an android body double for the princess of Bergmann’s kingdom. Now with Pamil in his life, Kyohei is suddenly thrust into a life filled with diversions, misunderstandings and love problems.

2/8 I swear I won’t bother you again!

The cast of I swear I will never bother you again on the cover of volume 1

I swear I won’t bother you again is the debut work of Reina Soratani, who released the first volume on May 20, 2021. Unlike some of the entries on this list, this light novel takes a step back from the isekai tropes and instead focuses on the time loop that the main heroine Violette finds herself.

After trying to kill her stepsister in a fit of jealousy, Violette is thrown in prison only to suddenly find herself a year in the past. Wanting to atone for her crimes, Violette decides to live her life in peace and darkness, which results in her being reunited with her childhood friend Yulan and her friends.

1/8 I saved too many girls and caused the apocalypse

Rekka, Iris and Satsuki on the cover of I Saved Too Many Girls and Caused the Apocalypse

Written by Namekojirushi, I’ve saved too many girls and caused the apocalypse can be seen as a hilarious take on the negative consequences of being a good Samaritan. The series currently has sixteen volumes available, with the first title released in 2011.

The story follows Rekka Namidare, a high school boy who tries to go about his daily life in peace. After meeting the mysterious Arlie, however, Rekka learns of his turbulent bloodline and of a future where an apocalypse will be brought about by the many girls who fell in love with him for saving their lives.

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