The Mighty Nein–Nott the Brave expands on his tragic backstory

Mighty Nein’s Veth Brenatto’s backstory comes to life in a heartbreaking preview that tells the story of how she came to be the goblin Nott the Brave.

The following article contains spoilers for Critical Role: The Mighty Nein Origins – Nott the Brave And Critic Role Campaign 2.

A preview for Critical Role: The Mighty Nein Origins – Nott the Brave provides new details on Veth Brenatto’s harrowing story.

Written by Sam Maggs with art by William Kirkby and colors by Eren Angiolini, The Mighty Nein Origins – Nott the Brave explains how Veth Brenatto became the masked goblin before joining forces with Caleb Widowgast. In CBR’s exclusive seven-page first look, the story spotlights her Veth’s happy life with her husband Yezza and her infant son Luc as she carries home the knick-knacks she has collected from the nearby creek. Their peace is soon derailed after an attack by goblin marauders. Ultimately, Veth undergoes a painful transformation into Nott and recounts, “I’ve lived, but everything I’ve seen in the water before… is gone. And I badly need it.”

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A synopsis for The Mighty Nein Origins – Nott the Brave it reads: “Veth Brenatto doesn’t have an exciting life, but she likes it that way. Unlike her childhood, she’s safe. Predictable. And her husband and son love her almost as fiercely as she loves them. But Veth’s cozy existence she changed on her head when she and her family were captured by marauders. To save them, Veth will commit an atrocity that will cut her from everything she loves, perhaps forever, and lead her to become Nott the Brave of Mighty Nein.”

Nott the Brave in Critical Role Campaign 2

Actor Sam Riegel portrayed Nott/Veth in the second campaign of Dungeons & Dragons live game Critical role. He and show DM Matthew Mercer helped outline the story for The Mighty Nein Origins – Nott the Brave. Nott’s revelation that he was once a halfling marked one of the most shocking moments in the first half of the second campaign, with even his close companion Caleb stunned by the revelation. Eventually, the Mighty Nein was able to restore her to her halfling form through a clever deal with a witch and Caleb’s magic.

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Critical role he often expanded his lore through fiction and graphic novels. Most members of the Mighty Nein have had their backstories published, including Fjord, Caleb, Jester, and Yasha. After Not the brave one, a new origin story of Mollymauk Tealeaf will be released in February. Lucian, the original personality of Molly’s body, recently centered in a novel entitled The Mighty Nein: The Nine Eyes of Lucien by Madeleine Roux.

The first campaign for Critical role has seen a major expansion in recent years. another novel, Vox Machina: Kith & Kin, revealed the backstory of Vaxil’dan and Vex’ahlia. In particular, the hit animated series The Legend of Vox Machina on Prime Video narrates the main campaign arcs. The series returns on January 20.

Critical Role: The Mighty Nein Origins – Nott the Brave features a script by Sam Maggs with art by William Kirkby and colors by Eren Angiolini, while Mildred Louis colors the cover. It comes out January 18.

Source: Critical Role

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