The most anticipated Isekai anime coming in winter 2023

2023 will bring several new and returning anime shows to the table, and one genre continues to dominate the industry. Isekai has essentially taken over anime, with more shows made in the genre than any other. For those who can’t get enough of dazzling reincarnations, the coming year is sure to offer plenty of options.

From the strongest fighters and fiercest swordsmen to the best gardeners, there are tons of different heroes dotting the 2023 isekai anime landscape. These include shows that are returning for new seasons and those that are finally adapting pre-existing manga or light novels . Here are some of the series that isekai fans should look forward to more in the upcoming year.

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Farm life in another world promises a soothing and relaxing Isekai

agriculture-isekai (1)

Based on Kinosuke Naito’s novel series, Farm life in another world it’s a more relaxed take on a recent trend in the genre. This trend involves isekai where the protagonist engages in a seemingly mundane lifestyle after being reincarnated in their new world. In case of Farm life in another world, follows the main character Hiraku, who was given a second life by God after he died from overwork. Now immune to all diseases, Hiraku is reincarnated into a simpler world where he can live out his true dream: to be a farmer living off his old hectic ways.

If it’s something like novels and manga, Farm life in another world it’s sure to shy away from over-the-top action sequences and even overabundant world-building, instead focusing on the main character and his growing farm. In many ways, it’s a kind of iyashikei isekai, making it perfect for anyone looking for something low-risk to watch. It is only one of the few agricultural isekai, but it is certainly the most abundant subgenus ever.

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Handyman Saito offers a more common protagonist Isekai

Handyman-Saito-Anime (1)

Many isekai main characters are expected to be relatable to some extent, typically being overlooked or underdogs. A new series offers to take this idea even further, elevating a factory worker into a true hero. The handyman Saito in another world it involves the mediocre Saito, who has never been very prominent in his rather mundane life. When he’s reincarnated in a fantasy world, however, his more unlikely abilities make him incredibly important. Thanks to his acumen as an everyday handyman, Saito is invaluable in picking locks and other tasks for adventurers.

As mentioned, it’s not every day that a journeyman is actually in the spotlight in anime, let alone as the hero of a wish-granting isekai. Add in the fact that Saito’s skill comes from his knowledge of the jack of all trades and not any kind of special skill in battle, and he could easily become one of the more recognizable isekai characters, without being overwhelmed.

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Reborn to Master the Blade blurs genre and genre lines

reborn-to-master-blade (1)

Reborn to rule the blade: from hero king to squire extraordinaire offers a rather unique way to overcome some of the criticisms of the isekai genre. It focuses on a king who, on his deathbed, wishes to be reborn in the future to see what will become of his kingdom long after he is gone. The trick is that she is reincarnated as a young woman, forcing “him” to fight for his right to be a knight.

The series’ place as a true isekai is debatable given that the king’s world is still the same. The changes in his realm, not to mention himself through reincarnation, continue Reborn to master the blade from being a pure fantasy and injecting real isekai elements, however. Likewise, the ultimately rather powerful protagonist of the series is a young female, which helps move isekai and fantasy anime in general away from the presence of only overwhelmed male heroes. After all, “King Inglis” takes on a traditionally male role, and the series isn’t part of the recent trend of female-oriented otome isekai. While “he” might not log into an online video game, the protagonist of Reborn to master the blade he has definitely reincarnated in a very different world than the one he knew before.

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