The Transformers once resorted to consuming aliens

IDW brought some dark themes to the Transformers universe, but one of the most shocking was having Cybertronians consume organic life.

During the haunting darkness Transformers: Last Robot Standing graphic novel (by Nick Roche and EJ Su), the result of a billion years of war was put on display when nearly all life in the universe was eradicated. This forced former Autobot leader Rodimus Prime to betray his entire race to ensure that no one could continue the genocidal civil war between the Autobots and Decepticons. But while Rodimus was on his path of destruction, other Cybertronians decided to save themselves by turning the organic aliens into a source of fuel.

This led to a brutal conflict that is very reminiscent of Marvel’s Old Logan, with immoral factions fighting for the slightest good that can be saved in this dystopian timeline. During this, characters who were traditionally seen as heroes within the Transformers franchises turn into dark reflections of themselves.

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Rodimus Prime led a genocidal campaign against the Transformers

The very first number of Transformers: Last Robot Standing he quickly set the tone for the graphic novel series when the traditionally jovial Rodimus Prime smashed the head off an injured Autobot begging for his life. This alarming action was a far cry from the usual behavior of the heroic Autobot, especially when it involved a former ally of his. However, it is revealed that the reason Rodimus acted so violently was that he was trying to protect the organic inhabitants of the planet he was trapped on. This was because the millennial conflict between the Autobots and Decepticons had nearly destroyed all life in the universe. Thus, Rodimus set himself the task of ridding the universe of every last Cybertronian alive, including those he called his friends.

Within Transformers: Last Robot Standing #2 (by Nick Roche, EJ Su, Rebecca Nalty and Joanna Nattalie) It was also revealed that Rodimus initially had a team to aid him in his crusade in the form of fellow Autobots Strongarm and Gripper. However, when Strongarm wanted to leave to find more Cybertronians and make a new start for their race, Rodimus shot down his ship and killed it. While this ruthlessness would surely make Rodimus a villain, compared to what other Cybertronian survivors have done in an attempt to survive, Rodimus could be the lesser of two evils.

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The Transformers have learned to turn aliens into biofuel

The Autobot survivor Rodimus had killed, who was later identified as Nitro, was part of a troop of survivors led by former Autobot Wheelie who had traveled the galaxy in search of resources. But with a mass shortage across the universe, the surviving Cybertronians have learned how to make do with the surviving organic life forms by converting them into a purple biofuel. It was Nitro’s job to help explore new planets for pockets of intelligent organic life so his crew could consume them. At first, this motley crew of alien-eating Cybertronians were thrilled to see Rodimus alive and wanted to indoctrinate him into their little family.

However, this warm reception was soon launched Transformers: Last Robot Standing #3 (by Nick Roche, EJ Su & Rebecca Nalty) when the former Autobot leader revealed that he killed Nitro and intended to kill them all for the sake of the organic inhabitants. This of course immediately started a fight between Rodimus and the Cybertronian survivors. But empowered with the last remaining fragment of powerful Energon, Rodimus was able to defeat them and destroyed the machine used to convert the organic aliens into fuel. Rodimus Prime abandoned his entire race to preserve the lives of others. Whether this was the right thing to do is highly subjective and ultimately up to the readers to decide for themselves. But regardless, this harrowing depiction of a dystopian future in Transformers The universe serves as a bittersweet farewell to the franchise as IDW Publishing will no longer have the publishing rights to the franchise.

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