The Van Born Corridor Business District Closer to Reality – Press and Guide

In 2017, the cities of Taylor and Dearborn Heights began work on the Van Born Corridor, a stretch where the two cities border.

The area was untidy and unattractive for new businesses, according to officials at the time, and the cities agreed to work together to beautify the area.

The work went on for five years and is about to start bearing fruit.

A look at what the Van Born Corridor could look like when completed.  (Graphics courtesy of Wade Trim)
A look at what the Van Born corridor could look like when completed. (Graphics courtesy of Wade Trim)

At a recent Dearborn Heights Planning Commission meeting, Arthur Mullen, a planner at Wade Trim, spoke about some of the work done up to this point.

He said they are working on beautification issues, as well as new ordinances for the “Taylor Dearborn Heights Gateway Overlay District,” as it is officially known.

“We had a great working group,” Mullen said. “We spent a lot of time working on ordinances for the overlapping district to get them matched in both cities.”

Mullen said they started by deciding exactly what the area should look like, and then scoured the ordinances in Taylor and Dearborn Heights to see what part of the new look was already codified in each city.

They then submitted a proposed ordinance for that overlapping district for both city councils to approve.

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