The visual novel Tokyo Necro will be released in English this year

An opening cinematic shared today by publisher JAST USA introduced fans to the game’s cyberpunk setting and kinetic cast.

In an opening cinematic shared today, publisher JAST USA announced the 2023 release window for the English version of the visual novel Tokyo Necro, developed by Nitroplus. The game will launch on Steam, GOG, and JAST USA’s online store later this year, with a physical version also in the works, according to a statement posted on JAST USA’s official website.

Tokyo Necro was first released for Japanese PC systems in 2016, and the initial announcement regarding its English localization was made during the JAST USA panel held at Anime Expo last year. While initially slated for a 2022 release, for unknown reasons JAST USA would instead end up delaying the western launch of Tokyo Necro to this year.


In the Tokyo Necro opening cinematic shared today by JAST USA, fans were introduced to the fast-paced setting of the game, a futuristic Tokyo under constant attack from the undead. Forces of terror brought back to life by mysterious Necromancers, these hordes attack the city without mercy, wreaking havoc and fear.

Enter the two protagonists of Tokyo Necro, Kibanohara Ethica and Nagaoka Souun. Skilled hand-to-hand combatants with an arsenal of skills, Ethica and Souun use their strengths to dispatch the undead, and their efforts are recognized throughout the city. Everything is going relatively well, and then one day, while on a mission, Souun comes across a young amnesiac girl named Hogyo Iria who seems to be in desperate need of protection. The direction of the plot from here will depend on the choices made by the player throughout the game.

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Fans may recognize the characters Kibanohara Ethica and Hoyou Iria from the fighting game Nitroplus Blasterz: Heroines Infinite Duel, which was released worldwide for PlayStation 4, PS3 and PC via Steam in 2016. Also, many may be familiar with the screenwriter of the visual novel Shimokura Vio, whose previous works include the horror romance visual novel You And Me And Her: A Love Story, also developed by Nitroplus and published by JAST USA.

Recent additions to JAST USA’s library include Dramatical Murder developer Nitro+CHIRAL’s Slow Damage and 2006 cult visual novel Gore Screaming Show by Black Cyc. As of press time, Tokyo Necro is available for pre-order through JAST USA’s online store at a promotional price of $33.11.

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