These celebrities have lived in my hometown in Texas and the list is honestly so random

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I recently wrote an article about my mother attending an Ohio high school with a prolific serial killer in the 1970s. This got me thinking about my hometown of Pearland, TX and the various famous citizens who have lived here at some point.

The bustling suburb is just south of Houston and is home to many single families, medical center employees, and those who can’t handle life around Interstate 610.

However, among its 125,990 inhabitants, a few well-known names have settled here over the years. Though instead of being infamous, these celebs are Grammy-winning artists and NFL stars.

Megan you stallion

Self-proclaimed “H-Town Hottie” Megan Pete moved to the suburbs when she was 14 years old.

She attended Pearland High School, my alma mater, but graduated a couple months before my freshman year. She still has an icon tweets released in 2011 where he called the shuffling drama among PHS students “messy,” and I can fully attest to that.

The rapper no longer lives in the city. However, it is clear in his lyrics and interview responses that Bayou City is still dear to his heart.


Brittany Cristiano at the 2013 Pearland High School homecoming game with JJ Watt standing in the background.

Brittany Cristiano at the 2013 Pearland High School homecoming game with JJ Watt standing in the background.

Brittany Christian | Narcity

Back when the Defensive End seemed like the Houston Texans’ only hope of winning games, he was rumored to own a home in the Silverlake area in P-land.

The claim was further substantiated in the 2010s when the athlete was spotted at Friday night high school football games. He practically became a regular and stood atop the metal bleachers of “The Rig” with a group of towering muscle men.

I have my sneaky picture “with” him from my freshman homecoming in 2013.

The Arizona Cardinals player no longer lives in the area but still remains loyal to his Texas fans.

Skinny offender

The iconic “Like A Boss” rapper is quite well known to have a stunning black-and-white mansion in Silverlake’s most unsuspecting neighborhood.

If you’re a Pearland native in the millennial or Gen Z age group, chances are you’ve probably passed the massive 4914-square-foot home in hopes of an exclusive look at the musical artist.

When he’s not out traveling the world or cheering on the Houston Astros with Mattress Mack, he’s probably admiring his car collection in his backyard, as he usually posts on his Instagram.


With 8.3 million Youtube subscribers, Grav3yardgirl Bunny Meyer is practically a king of the Internet.

I remember a friend seeing her multiple times at Forever 21 in Pearland Town Center and hearing how sweet she was to the fans she met in public.

The “queen of the swamp,” as she has been nicknamed, started her channel in 2010 and Pearland has been the backdrop for it all.

She has grown rapidly in popularity over the years with videos testing “As Seen On TV” products, trying on fun clothing items, and collaborating with other content creators like Jeffree Starr.


Before joining Fifth Harmony and finding stardom, Hamilton moved to the P from Louisiana after Hurricane Katrina, as many of my fellow Pearlanders did in 2005.

She was a high school student when she auditioned for The X Factor and is now her solo act.

I find it so interesting that she and Megan are now best friends that they bonded over songs and starred together in the legendary ‘WAP’ video. However, I have yet to see a source linking the two Pearland girls.

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