This metaverse cryptocurrency will reach 50x earnings in 2023

The metaverse has literally made its way to Oxford and how

Cryptocurrency games started gaining popularity when players realized that they could have the best of both worlds – earn through in-game cryptocurrency and enjoy their time playing to the fullest! Calvaria is a new game that was introduced recently, and from the pre-sale success that we can see so far, there is no doubt that the number of people investing in it will continue to increase in the following period. If you’d like to know more about why this cryptocurrency game is getting so much attention, we’re going to give you all the essential details you might want to know!

The thrilling storyline of Calvaria will enthrall you

Calvaria is a card game, and considering there are numerous card games on the market, one might wonder why this game would be any different. However, thinking that this game is like any other is a rookie mistake that you have to forgive yourself. Diving deeper into the layers of this game will show you how far you were from the truth.

The differences are visible from the start just by looking at the design of the platform because it is inspired by Mexican mythology which can instantly draw you into the story. The game is set in the afterlife, where Void, Quetzalcoatl and Santa Muerte fight for their destiny. Players will be able to align themselves with the fraction of their choice and then organize their armies accordingly. Each player will have various opportunities to learn skillful play and progress towards victory and superiority over opponents.

Cranial vault

Also, players will have to collect cards and use them in tournaments. Each card is unique and will represent various characters. The player will have to develop a technique that will bring rewards, upgrades and ultimately the winning position and the satisfaction of having managed to outwit opponents from all over the world.

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What makes Calvary special?

The story itself is so enticing that most gamers won’t need to hear about it and will simply immerse themselves in it. For players who want to hear the benefits and specific reasons Calvaria is so different, many factors will help them decide. One of the first things that makes it truly unique is the fact that the team behind Calvaria made sure there were two versions of the game:

  1. Play to earn
  2. Free to play

This means that people who want to dive into the story but also want to make money via the cryptocurrency used in this game can easily do so. On the other hand, there is a free-to-play version that doesn’t require the use of a $RIA token, which is the game’s main currency. It will be the perfect option for people who just don’t want to enter the cryptocurrency market, but explore the game before deciding anything yet.

That’s not all because players will be able to own game assets. The tournament rewards will be $RIA Tokens, which will ensure continued use of these tokens. There is an in-game shop where players will be able to make purchases and 10% of each purchase will go directly to the staking pool. Players will be able to lock their $RIA tokens for an extended period of time and get daily rewards for this, which will accumulate over time.

Additionally, NFTs can be issued individually or as part of the collection, meaning players will be able to trade them on exchanges at their sole discretion. The best thing players will be excited about is that there will be no transaction fees! There is no doubt that every detail has been well thought out by the team behind Calvaria, making this platform so attractive.

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The presale of $RIA tokens and the allocation

RIA extension

First of all, it’s important to mention that there are two tokens within the game. One is $eRIA, which can be earned within the game and can be used to earn money while playing. Furthermore, it can be used to level up cards but also to buy game resources.

There are also $RIA tokens currently available for pre-sale, which is progressing quite rapidly and we can expect it to end soon. These tokens will be used to navigate the game and use all resources within the game, but also to obtain participation rights regarding issues within project management and staking. Participation rights mentioned also include votes which will be based on DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization).

There will be one billion RIA tokens in total, but only 300 million will be available during the presale, meaning scarcity will drive demand once the presale ends. The pre-sale is now very close to the end, so if you wish to explore the depths of this very interesting platform, this is your chance to do so. Based on investor interest so far, we can expect $RIA token price to increase up to 50x in 2023 because there are so many exciting features and earning opportunities!

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Calvaria has all the features players want from a game: enjoyment while playing, possession of game assets, NFT, strategy and earnings. What more can a player ask for? Well, there are sure to be a lot of surprises that are sure to keep players entertained. Keep in mind that the pre-sale will end soon, which means the price will go up. If you’d like to explore the depths of the afterlife and test your skills as you strategize, this is your chance to buy as many $RIA Tokens as you like before time runs out!

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