This Week on Crypto Twitter: Has SBF Moved Money? Man Utd NFT under fire. Eisenberg arrested!

Illustration by Mitchell Preffer for Decrypt

Markets were mostly frozen this weekwith most major cryptocurrencies seeing very little price movement at the end of the year, with the exception of an unfortunate few, most notably Solana and Dogecoin, which suffered double-digit percentage drops.

It was another week of relatively few adoption moves or cryptocurrency sendings from Washington. The industry has all eyes on the judicial saga of FTX’s undoing. But there were still enough news moments to get Crypto Twitter excited.

News broke Tuesday of the arrest of Avraham Eisenberg, a New Yorker who allegedly has million milked from cryptographic exploits.

Eisenberg’s name resurfaced in October when he shoplifted over 100 million dollars from cryptocurrency trading platform Mango Markets, he returned $67 million and (at the time) got away with it, claiming his actions were in the interest of depositors, completely legal, and backed by a larger organization behind him.

Meanwhile, the widow of Hal Finney, an early contributor to Bitcoin and recipient of the first transaction on the network, has announced a Bitcoin-themed fundraising marathon to raise money for research into ALS, the neurodegenerative disease that killed Finney in 2014.

A disgruntled investor at cryptocurrency investment firm Multicoin Capital shared a received letter that should have been sent back in November, when the FTX crisis hit. Multicoin appears to have been heavily impacted by both direct and indirect exposure to FTX, especially its whale-sized Solana hoard (SOL).

Due to Solana’s strong ties to FTX, SOL has been in free fall for the past couple of months; she just hit a minimum of two years as it struggles to stay above the $10 support level.

Vitalik Buterin tweeted his support to the developer community and deeply disappointed Solana fans on Thursday.

Eagle-eyed NFT enthusiast Tuesday @ClowVamp spotted what looks like outright plagiarism in Manchester United’s new Tezos-based NFT collection. ClownVamp tweeted their compelling evidence in a thread.

The following day, a fan-made parody of FTX’s South Park and its disgraced former CEO made the rounds in CT.

Finally, on Friday, the chain investigators like @ZachXBT noted seven-figure funds from portfolios linked to Alameda Research they were being moved via transaction privacy mixer.

Sam Bankman-Fried (SBF) was quick to deny any involvement, but Twitter was quick to roast him.

Ahow were you, everyone…

Sam came back online an hour later to provide a follow-up where he offered to advise regulators. That seems unlikely as he faces eight felony fraud charges, but anything is possible in cryptocurrency.

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