TikTok’s top moderator exits ‘extremely loud portion’ of moderating business content over investor outcry

Teleperformance, a decade-old global company that moderated content for TikTok, recently faced scrutiny from lawmakers over its mishandling of illegal child sexual abuse material.

Teleperformance, which just three years ago launched its “Trust & Safety” arm helping social media giants like TikTok police content on their platforms, announced Thursday that it’s partially making the move.

The company has recently come under scrutiny Forbes the investigation revealed major missteps in his content moderation work for TikTok, namely his mishandling of illegal child sexual abuse material that had been removed from that platform. The Forbes The report sparked concerns about both companies from bipartisan leaders on the powerful Senate Commerce Consumer Protection Panel, Democratic Sen. Richard Blumenthal and Republican Sen. Marsha Blackburn, who demanded answers from Teleperformance and its client. The Colombian Ministry of Labor also launched an investigation into Teleperformance this month after a separate report detailed appalling and dangerous working conditions for Teleperformance moderators.

Teleperformance cited investor pressure as a reason to exit “the hugely egregious part of the trust and safety business.” He did not immediately respond to a request for comment on whether this means Teleperformance is ceasing all or part of its content moderation work and whether it is discontinuing all work with TikTok.

“After reflecting on the consistent feedback received in recent days from the vast majority of shareholders and the financial community regarding the perception of its trust and safety business, Teleperformance has decided to exit the highly egregious part of the trust and safety business,” he said. the company said in a statement Thursday, referring to its content moderation efforts.

“As a public company that has always been attentive to the prospects of its shareholders, Teleperformance has decided that exiting the highly egregious trust and safety segment is the right thing to do,” the statement continued.

Teleperformance did not respond immediately to aa Forbes question about the nature of the feedback he had received from investors. The statement also said Teleperformance “will work with its customers to work out suitable alternatives for its current business in the industry.” Neither Teleperformance nor TikTok responded immediately Forbes‘ request for comment on how this will affect the companies’ content moderation partnership.

Whitney Turner, a former Teleperformance content moderator for TikTok who took her concerns about both companies’ handling of child sexual abuse material to the FBI last summer, said Forbes she wasn’t surprised by the decision.

“It just makes sense with all the gross negligence that was going on,” he said Forbes in a text message.

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