Timeless fashion tips that everyone needs to know

My mother has given me so much in terms of fashion, in the form of advice and physical pieces. My mother gave me one of my favorite tops of hers, her old hers boat neck piece by Ralph Lauren, as well as the most beautiful piece of jewelry she has ever owned, an opal necklace. I always wear them.

Because of this, even with the oversaturation of celebrity brands, I’m intrigued by Gigi Hadid’s new brand, Guest in Residence, for its focus on memorabilia. Reading about the new brand made me think about fashion being passed down from generation to generation. In addition to the physical pieces of my mother that I carry with me, I also carry all of the lessons she taught me.

By looking at the fashion of other generations of women, it can be much easier to create a timeless wardrobe that offers a sustainable wardrobe of pieces that will be in style forever, reducing the need to constantly buy new clothes and over-consume. I’ve consolidated these thoughts into 3 quick fashion tips based on things I learned from my mom.

Tip no. 1: Create your collection of clothes

My mother’s closet has one wall lined only with clothes. While it’s easy when shopping for something like a formal frat house to buy an inexpensively made quick fashion outfit for one-time use, it’s best to invest in building a collection of quality, versatile outfits. Find well-made, elegant and classy clothes. Try not to lean on fleeting trends when composing this collection and also look at the clothes worn by past fashion icons to get an idea of ​​what a timelessly elegant and iconic dress could look like.

Clothes are the kind of thing that can really make your personal wardrobe special, so don’t be afraid to have a little fun. My mom has dresses in essentially every color and material, so she occasionally wears a shimmery or silky dress, as long as it’s good quality. Timeless certainly doesn’t have to be boring. Some of my favorite places to buy clothes are Reformation, J. Crew and Free People.

Tip no. 2: where to buy

When my mom met my dad, he was wearing a top from his favorite store Mango. She even wore a Mango dress when she proposed. Throughout my childhood, she shopped there and raved about it for years. It is definitely a hidden gem of a clothing brand. I highly recommend Mango if you are looking for a brand that sells good quality classic and trendy pieces. My mom kept her mango chunks of hers from the days she dated my dad and they still hold up.

In general, though, it’s a good idea to explore brands to expand your shopping repertoire, with some of my favorites being & Other Stories for classic swimwear, Outdoor Voices for sportswear, or Gorjana for jewellery. While I love popular brands like Lululemon, I’m always on the lookout for new brands to shop from. My secret to achieving this is to keep a list in my phone whenever I find a new brand that intrigues me.

Tip no. 3: Lean to Favorites

It’s okay to stick to your favorites once you’ve figured out what fashion works best for you. There are certain styles, colors or materials that you will fall in love with and if you have a lot of them in your closet that’s totally fine. My mom has a lot of black in her closet and she wears it almost all the time. She also loves leather pieces and hasn’t stopped buying them over the years. For myself, I have copious amounts of cream and pink dresses and gravitate towards knit and soft fabrics. I own so many sweaters yet I keep getting them when I go shopping.

Don’t be afraid to repeat the outfits. Making fun of outfit repeaters is the really unfashionable thing. If you have a favorite, lean on it. This will also be a very individualized process, as what you love about yourself will be different for everyone. The fun part about this is that it can help solidify a distinctive style. Having favorites can be the basis for having your own style, and whatever feels most comfortable to you will no doubt be what looks best.

Celebrities are starting to re-wear old pieces from past collections on red carpets, fashion influencers like Matilda Djerf are championing timeless, classic dresses, and trends like the capsule wardrobe are taking over social media. There is so much to learn about modern fashion, but also so much to learn about past fashion.

While I’ve learned a lot about fashion from studying paparazzi photos, reading fashion magazines, following fashion influencers, and watching runway shows, I know that my biggest fashion inspiration has always been and always will be my mother.

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