Washburn School of Business, GO Topeka Signs Partnership Agreement

Dmitri Nizovtsev, associate dean at Washburn's School of Business, prepares to sign a paper after Laurie Pieper, vice president of innovation at Go Topeka, Thursday.  Also pictured are David Price, dean of the School of Business, far left, and Washburn interim president Marshall Meek, second from left.

It’s really been a chicken and egg situation for GO Topeka and the Washburn University School of Business.

For years, the economic development organization has supported the business school’s efforts, including financial support for the annual pitching competition for budding entrepreneurial students. It’s all part of the goal of growing the local economy by developing and nurturing young talent, especially that of Washburn.

But the challenge, representatives of the two organizations have often found, is that the same young people who can create economic opportunity often leave Topeka because they haven’t found it here.

“Things are really starting to heat up here in Topeka”

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