WEBTOON announces a huge slate of web novel adaptations coming in 2023

Following the success of web novel adaptations such as Lord of Goblins, WEBTOON has announced several new web novel adaptations to be released in 2023.

Fans of web novels will see their favorite stories in a whole new light with a host of new webcomic adaptations from WEBTON, according to a new press release from the company. 2023 will include web novel adaptations from a variety of publishers. Six specific projects have already been unveiled.

Webtoon will fit RE: Trailer bin, The primeval hunter, Paranoid wizard, A practical guide to evil, Chasing the redAnd Floating in webcomics. This is the first slate for 2023, so more projects will likely be revealed throughout the year. Specific launch dates for each title have not yet been shared. Some of these titles come from Aethon Books, Moonquill, Wattpad and YONDER. They will expand these multi-format franchise properties and provide new stories for Webtoon readers.


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WebToon’s upcoming offerings span multiple genres

King Trailer Trash Cover 2

RE: Trailer bin is written by FortySixtyFour and tells the story of Tabita Moor, who lives in 2045, but is sent back in her 13-year-old body in 1998. The primeval hunter is from Zogarth and is an action-fantasy LitRPG series. It follows Jake and his colleagues, all of whom are transported to the Multiverse, a dangerous place. Paranoid wizard is written by InadvisablyCompelled and is the story of Callum, a wizard who sees monsters. A practical guide to evil is written by Erratic Errata and is a serialized fantasy novel that follows Catherine Foundling into a world filled with story tropes. chasing the red, written by Isabelle Ronin is a popular love story on Wattpad. In the end, Floating by Kate Marchant is a YA love story that takes place in Florida. It has been published on Wattpad and by Wattpad Books. A film adaptation is also planned.

Webtoon has had success with web novels

Goblin Lord

Previously, Webtoon adapted web novels such as Night owls and summer skies And Goblin Lord, both with a few million views. MoonQuill CEO Jimmy Shi says:

The MoonQuill team had a great time adapting ‘Lord of Goblins’ into web comic form and it has been a real pleasure for the team to see those who have read the novel enjoying the story in a whole new format. Besides that, WEBTOON platform has helped us to bring “Lord of Goblins” to passionate and vocal audience. We can’t wait to hear what the future holds for ‘Lord of Goblins’ and other stories we intend to bring to the platform.”

Erratic Errata, creator of A practical guide to evilshared his excitement about the new Webtoon project:

The comics have always been what I’ve felt is the most likely adaptation of “A Practical Guide to Evil” and in many ways the one that can stay the most faithful to the original books, so I’m very excited to take on this project with WEBTOON! I hope that all who wish to see Catherine’s adventures in a visual medium will enjoy the results of our collaboration.

Webtoon has had numerous highly successful collaborations and adaptations, including collaborations with DC and Marvel for original series, as well as Netflix for series such as We are all dead, destined for hell, And Lookism. The webcomic platform has also partnered with Crunchyroll for adaptations of Tower of God, Nobility, And The god of high school. These multimedia efforts seem to be paying off as comic book fans have more and more ways to experience their favorite stories and find new ones. by Webtoon the latest web novel acquisitions for upcoming adaptations will bring even more to comic book lovers in the near future.

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