What went wrong with Tom Holland and Daisy Ridley’s Chaos Walking

Despite the star power behind Tom Holland and Daisy Ridley’s recent sci-fi adventure, Walking chaos, the film failed to impress the critics because there were too many problems (whether they were behind the scenes or within the film itself). Based on the novel ‘The knife of never giving upby Patrick Ness Walking chaos tells the story of a world where women disappear from society and men are able to broadcast their thoughts to everyone around them. It’s a fascinating concept that is executed well in Ness’ original story, but Walking chaos it never really exploits this unique premise in the same way.


Chaos Walking was among the biggest cinematic bombshells of 2021, but the film’s lack of success has always been surprising. It has all the right ingredients for success: a talented cast, an experienced director, beloved source material, and even a large studio budget. However, the film remains overwhelmingly disliked by critics, garnering just 21% on Rotten Tomatoes. It’s hard to pinpoint exactly why the film performed so poorly in theaters, but the reasons are certainly there. There is certainly a beautiful story hidden somewhere deep inside Walking chaosand with a few more tweaks to the script and a little more post-production, the film could have been very impressive.

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Chaos Walking doesn’t do the premise justice

Tom Holland and Daisy Ridley sitting under a canopy in Chaos Walking

Despite the exciting concept it drives Walking chaos, there are very few moments in the movie where it really feels like they’re using the idea effectively. This is a big surprise, because director Doug Liman’s previous film, Edge of tomorrow is a fantastic sci-fi from 2010 that knows exactly how to make the most of its narrative. However, Walking chaos it simply feels devoid of direction or purpose. The premise of men’s thoughts projected aloud is fascinating, and in Ness’s original story, allows for some truly impressive commentary on gender equality and the issues of misogynism in society. However, inside Walking chaosit’s mostly just played as comic relief.

The very first scene of Walking chaos sees Tom Holland’s character Todd Hewitt struggle to control his thoughts when he comes into contact with another man from his village. The scene exists solely to explain how this concept works, and the actual technicalities are never explored further. Ness’ science fiction novel has always deserved an adaptation, but Walking chaos he hardly feels like he’s using his ideas beyond the surface level. This is a big deal because, without this intriguing concept at its core, there’s very little to appeal to an audience Walking chaos. The only refreshing aspect was that it was completely sidelined for another sci-fi romance subplot.

Star power just isn’t enough to cover the cracks in Chaos Walking

An image of Tom Holland and Daisy Ridley running with a dog in Chaos Walking

Tom Holland and Daisy Ridley have both starred in two of the most popular film franchises in recent memory with the MCU and the Star Wars sequel, so it’s surprising that their collaboration on Walking chaos it no longer aroused interest among the general public. They are both very talented actors and their performances in this movie are hard to fault. However, the script itself is just too messy and rushed for that to actually make a difference. Tom Holland is Marvel’s biggest star right now, but the failure of Walking chaos proves that a film’s quality and poor reception are far more influential than its cast.

It’s also important to note that while Tom Holland is a huge commercial attraction, his priorities in 2021 were still with the MCU. He has a huge fan base and since audiences knew they would see him return as Spider-Man later on There is no way to go home; there was no urgent need to watch it in this less popular property. Daisy Ridley fans have also become much less active after the poor reception of Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, which surely could have contributed to the lack of interest in her next role. Those who watched Walking chaos he quickly realized his shortcomings and dissuaded others from seeing him.

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Chaos Walking was dumped in theaters during the COVID-19 pandemic

Tom Holland and Daisy Ridley together in Chaos Walking

It’s no secret that the film industry has struggled heavily during the COVID-19 pandemic, with every month becoming a “dump month” and filled with poor quality releases (this was mainly because these films could not afford to push back their further film). Walking chaos it soon found itself characterized as one such ill-fated draft and was forced to release during the height of the initial COVID-19 surge. This meant that very few people had the ability (or the desire) to see the film in theatres, and even if they did, the reputation as a “pandemic film” would likely have prevented them from risking their money on this unknown blockbuster.

Walking chaos saw a domestic gross of $13.3 million upon its 2021 release (via Box Office Mojo), which was a huge disappointment for such a big-budget studio film. Thankfully, 2022’s box office is already better than 2021’s, and low numbers like those are mostly a thing of the past. However, at the time, this kind of reception was infinitely bad for Chaos Walking reputation and remains one of the main reasons why the public does not care about the project. Even when it’s available to stream, it’s hard to see beyond its “pandemic fail” tag. He is not the only contributor to Chaos Walking failure, even though it may be the biggest.

Todd and Viola’s story in Chaos Walking is too superficial

Tom Holland and Daisy Ridley sitting on a raft in Chaos Walking
Tom Holland and Daisy Ridley in Chaos Walking

It’s easy to blame external factors, such as the pandemic Chaos Walking failure, but it’s also important to note that the film also has several flaws that make it simply not as pleasant to watch. The most disappointing aspect of the story is undeniably the love story between Todd and Viola, the two protagonists. Daisy Ridley already bears the burden of her character’s strange sci-fi romance in Star Wars, but Chaos Walking the central relationship may be even less credible. It’s not the actors fault, as their on-screen chemistry is hard to fault, but the script doesn’t do enough to interest the audience.

Many of Todd and Viola’s scenes feel incredibly repetitive, as they go through the same discussions and resolutions over and over, which soon becomes monotonous to watch. The audience is given no real reason to care about their relationship as the script is so focused on pointless sci-fi exposition that it forgets to develop the characters in any meaningful way. There is a level of depth and humanity needed for romance to work that is simply missing Chaos Walking script, and while Holland and Ridley do their best to make it work, the material just isn’t there.

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The Chaos Walk has been delayed for a long time

Todd standing in the wild in Chaos Walking

Several delayed films were finally released in 2022, and while many exceeded expectations, there were still many that audiences simply stopped caring about. Marketing and distribution are huge contributors to a film’s success, and if a project is delayed too long, the entire promotional budget is practically wasted. This was also the case with Walking chaos, which was originally scheduled for a March 2019 release, before a series of poor test screeners forced the film back into production with several rewrites and reshoots (via ScreenRant). All the excitement and anticipation that had built up around the film started to fade and sadly never came back.

It had been almost two years Walking chaos it was eventually released during the pandemic, and by then, most audiences had forgotten it even existed. Fortunately, Tom Holland’s upcoming films prove it Chaos Walking failure won’t set him back too far; in fact, he and Daisy Ridley are the only reasons why Walking chaos it is still under discussion. Despite the relative success of Ness’s original novel, no one really knew what to expect from the story of Walking chaos, which is probably why so many viewers have decided to switch. All the hype had dispelled by the time it was finally released, and that’s extremely detrimental to the success of a franchise.

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