Why is Kiosk Kev suddenly on wheels on I’m a Celebrity 2022?

Kiosk Kev is now riding through the wheeled jungle of I’m a Celebrity, offering a small portion of goodies for the contestants to share, but they didn’t get to choose between two different snacks in the 2022 series.

Former Kiosk employee Keith no longer appears on the show, and Kiosk Kev has filled his role for the past few years by asking celebrities a multiple choice question. If they answer correctly, he offers them a small snack.

Previously, celebrities would visit Kev at his kiosk, but once he completes a task, he approaches them on wheels. So why is Kiosk Kev suddenly riding a bike on I’m a Celebrity? We have the scoop.

I’m a celebrity that fans ask about Kev’s “Deals on Wheels”.

When I’m a Celebrity first debuted the new Kev’s Deal’s on Wheels, everyone was baffled as to why his kiosk was no longer a star of the show. When celebrities got an answer wrong, she usually dramatically closed the blinds.

A spectator he wrote: “I preferred Keith’s kiosk. It was nice to be able to choose between 2 things and fun for the viewers to think about which option they would choose. Kev chords on wheels are not for me #I’m a Celebrity.”

Other written: “Kev’s business on wheels? They are laughing?! Bring back the shack! And no choice between 2 treats? What?! Ruined. #I’m a Celebrity#I’mCeleb.”

“So if at some point celebrities get Kev’s chords wrong on the wheels, is Kev going to walk away? Not as dramatic as the shutters going down and celebrities might rob them #I’m a Celebrity#ImaCeleb”, She said a fan.

Why Kiosk Kev on wheels in the 2022 series?

Kiosk Kev is on wheels this season because “we [ITV] I’m always looking for ways to keep the series fresh,” an I’m a celebrity representative told Reality Titbit. It’s the same reason celebrities are only given one treatment.

There’s clearly a majority vote for his kiosk to return to the jungle, but for now, Kev is practicing. A recent challenge involved fellow campmates being given jelly beans, with no chance to vote for an alternative snack.

Another task involved celebrities being offered five custards. In a challenge where celebs got the question wrong, Chris Moyles joked that he’s upset about losing “a quarter of a Jaffa pie.”

Who was before Kiosk Kev?

Longtime viewers will remember Kiosk Keith, who no longer works on the show. In 2018, The Sun reported that Kiosk Keith was fired after showing up to work drunk and acting inappropriately towards a female crew member.

Kiosk Keith, played by 52-year-old Raymond Grant, was fired in January 2018 and was quickly replaced by ‘Kiosk Kev’. An ITV spokesperson confirmed in a statement in 2018:

Ray is no longer signed to the show. There are no plans for him to return this year.

Kiosk Kev’s real name is Mark Herlaar. He is a lime farmer from Queensland, who the ITV producers found after seeing him on Survivor, the Australian version of the show in 2017.

Those who have seen the Welsh version of I’m a Celebrity will also remember Kiosk Cledwyn.



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