Why Noah Baumbach adapted ‘White Noise’ despite Don DeLillo’s novel being called ‘unfilmable’

Some books are of such a fantastic nature that it is hard to imagine how a Hollywood director could do them justice by bringing them to the screen. However, filmmakers have proven their mettle time and time again by doing just that, with films like The Lord of the Rings, TrainspottingAnd Guardians.

The production of
(LR) Greta Gerwig (Babette), May Nivola (Steffie), Adam Driver (Jack), Samuel Nivola (Heinrich) and Raffey Cassidy (Denise) | Wilson Webb/Netflix

Netflix and director Noah Baumbach are the latest to challenge a book adaptation. Baumbach, who has a personal connection to author Don Delillo White noisehe had a special interest in adapting the postmodern novel into a big-budget project complete with an all-star cast and captivating aesthetics.

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