Writer Retrieves Laptop Containing Half-Finished Novel After Shetland Blizzard | Television police drama

Crime writer Ann Cleeves said her laptop was recovered two days after she lost it in a blizzard in Shetland.

Tweeting an image of a malformed computer, he said it had been found by a “sharp-eyed” young woman as she got off a school bus near where Cleeves was staying.

She said it had clearly been run over, so “it wasn’t very helpful” but that she was “glad to know it’s safe”. Many social media users have responded that the contents of the hard drive could possibly be saved.

Here it is! Found in the snow not far from where I was staying by her sharp-eyed Rachel as she got off the school bus. It’s been run over so it’s not very useful, but I’m happy to know it’s safe. pic.twitter.com/OnFULNmfsG

—Ann Cleeves (@AnnCleeves) December 15, 2022

In an initial tweet on Tuesday, Cleeves offered a reward for returning the laptop and said it contained an incomplete novel, though she later added that she had emailed a copy of the book a few days earlier.

Cleeves is the author of over 30 novels, some of which were the basis for the long-running BBC series Shetland, set on the islands.

The ITV series Vera, whose twelfth series is due to air next year, and The Long Call, which premieres in 2021, have also been adaptations of his novels.

Shetland has been hit by sub-zero temperatures and heavy snow in recent days, leaving thousands of homes without electricity.

A yellow weather alert issued for the area by the Met Office has been in effect all week and is expected to remain in effect until Friday morning.

Speaking to BBC Radio Scotland’s Good Morning Scotland before the laptop was found, Cleeves said it was “probably under about a foot of snow wherever it was”.

Describing how it was lost, she said she worked in a library in Lerwick and walked “in a total blizzard” to a meeting at a nearby arts centre, adding that, while she was inside, the weather “got worse and worse moreover”. ”.

“I had to get home early and I think I either left my laptop there or it fell out of my bag as I fought the wind and snow to get from the library to the arts center,” she said.

He added that people have been “incredibly kind” since he first tweeted about the laptop and that he’s “got responses from all over Lerwick”.

On Wednesday, he said in a tweet that it wouldn’t be “a big deal” if the laptop wasn’t found given everything else that was happening on the islands.

“Shetland have come together brilliantly to get the streets cleared and workers going home,” he said.

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