Yen Press Licenses Honobu Yonezawa’s Award-Winning Novel Black Dungeon Castle – News

Hyōka the author’s 2021 historical mystery won several prestigious awards

Print Yen announced Monday that it has licensed a mystery writer Honobu Yonezawa‘S Black underground castle (Kokurojo) and will release it in print and digital in June 2023. Print Yen describes the novel:

The winter of 1578, four years before the Honnnoji Incident. Araki Murashige betrayed his ally Oda Nobunaga and holed up in Arioka Castle, but a series of strange incidents within the castle walls brought his end. The desperate warlord’s only hope of solving these mysteries lies imprisoned in the castle dungeons: a man named Kuroda Kanbei, one of Oda’s most gifted strategists. When all the conflicts and intrigues come to an end, what will Murashige and Kuroda have up their sleeves?

Yonezawa e Kadokawa published the novel in June 2021. The novel won the Naoki Prize (a bi-annual Japanese literary award for new and emerging authors). Kadokawa2021 Fūtarō Yamada Award by . He also ranked first in the Mystery ga Yomitai!, Shūkan Bunshun Mystery Top 10, Kono Mystery ga Sugoi!And Honkaku Mystery Top 10 guides for 2022, and is the first to place first in all four rankings. He took first place in the Rekishi / Jidai Shōsetsu Best 3 (Historical / Period Novels Best 3) award from Asahi Shimbun‘S Asahi weekly revised in 2021.

Yonezawa is perhaps best known for his Kotenbu (Classic Literature Club) novel series has begun Hyōkathe first novel, in 2001. The Fool’s credit roll (Gusha no Endroll) novel then followed in 2002, Kudryavka’s sequence (Kudryavka no Junban) in 2005, The doll that took a detour (Toomawari Suru Hiyoko) in 2007, Approximate the distance between two people (Futari no Kyori no Gaisan) in 2010 and Imasara Tsubasa or Iwaretemo in November 2016.

Kyoto animation and late director Yasuhiro Takemoto adapted some of the stories from the series into a 22-episode television anime series titled Hyōka in 2012. The novels also inspired a manga in Kadokawa‘S Monthly Shonen Ace magazine.

Yonezawa wrote the Shoshimin mystery novel series that has had several manga adaptations, including Anko Manjuya‘S Shunki Gentei Ichigo Tart Jiken (The case of the Spring Limited Edition Strawberry Shortcake).

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